Weekly assignments to develop our awareness of tasty technological treats.  Click a number and explore what I’ve been learning!

#1 – introducing myself to our ECMP355 class outlining my initial views on technology.

#2 – a spreadsheet created using Googledocs.  Google does so much more than I realized.

#3 – a short video created as a Mastercard “priceless” commercial.  Possibly a little PG for some.

#4 – an image with an educational caption.  Also one of my favourite paintings.

#5 – discussing copyright issues shown in the film RIP! A Remix Manifesto.  Feel free to remix.

#6 – digital storytelling using animoto.com.  My wife is a ruthless one.

#7 – a short group video that was shot, edited, lost, found, and posted.  Enjoy.

#8 – Synchronous Session Reflection on an online EC&I831 class led by Dean Shareski.

#9 – An assignment that involved viewing and responding to educational multimedia of our own choice.

Part One – Response to an amazing TED Talk on Self Directed Learning by Sugata Mitra.

Part Two – Response to another TED Talk on the Science of Motivation by Daniel Pink

#10 – A six word story accompanying a picture.  I chose the cute route.

#11 – A neighbourhood “walk” around my hometown, showing the couple places that I frequented on a regular basis.


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