Media (audio,visual)

Flickr – Pictures, pictures, pictures!  More pictures than you’ll ever need.  Watch your licenses if you’re planning on using them.

KeepVid – Lets you download Youtube videos and others to your computer.

Picnik – Online picture editor with a good variety of editing effects.

Grooveshark – Free online music.  I’m not sure how it’s free, but it’s great.

Animoto – An online slideshow tool that does all the work for you.  Very quick, very easy.

Social Media

WordPress – Clearly a good place to start blogging for free.

Twitter – Microblogging – blogging with less characters – a great place to meet and learn from other educators.  Get some smart people around you and bathe in the wisdom.

Weebly – create your own website the easy way! Lets you edit with html as well.


Slideshare – Publish your own and view other people’s slideshow presentations.  Great for ideas and information.

SlideRocket – Slick online presentation tool I would recommend over PowerPoint.

Screencast-O-Matic – Free, online screencasting tool for all your screencasting needs.


GoogleDocs – Online wordprocessor and so, so much more.  Amazing for collaborating.

Dropbox – Free cloud storage.  One of the greatest things ever.


TED Talks – presentations by all sorts of smart people on all sort of topics that are sure to inspire.

Stumbleupon – Delivers content based on your interests.  Tends to waste enormous amounts of time.


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