Scratch can teach young students so much about computer science before they even realize they learned computer science.  Here are a few ways to do so!

ScratchEd has tons of helpful ideas, lessons and stories.  Here is a  20 hour curriculum guide introducing students to the program.

This site has several really great options for science fair projects that could involve Scratch.

Older students would also benefit from Scratch and here are some lessons and example projects that can be used for middle-high school computer science classes.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn about Scratch you can go to Intro to Scratch where I have screen captures and explanations of the basic parts of the program, as well  as a video explaining much the same.

If you want to dive right into using Scratch, you can watch these videos that take you through the process of creating a simple game of your own.

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


After completing the tutorial I went a little further with the game, finishing a second level.  You can play and/or download the game here to figure out what additions I made and review how we put the game together.

I hope you find some of these resources helpful!


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