As I began my project, I started out by learning some background on the program itself and then began browsing through the project archive on Scratch hoping to find a cool animation that I could emulate or learn from.  I found this one, but after downloading it and seeing the long lines of complication, I realized I had to start smaller.  Baby Steps.

So I started here.  They have tons of lessons, right from super basic to pretty stinking advanced.  I made my way through about a 1/3 of them, but it got tiring to listen to the same voices over and over again.

After this I went back to my routine of browsing projects that looked interesting and studying their scripts and trying to emulate them. Sometimes I was able to pull it off.  Others, not so much.  It was quite frustrating at times.  Luckily if I was dead set on solving a problem, the Scratch forums were helpful to look through, search for similar problems or ask for help.

The majority of my time on this project has been spent doing one of the following – Giggling because I just learned how to do something neat or fuming because I couldn’t.

Through my Scratching, I have posted several updates regarding my journey and a few of the projects I’ve created and shared online.  You can see them…in chronological order… Here, here, here,  here, and here!  If you want to see the all the projects that got finished and uploaded, you can go to my Scratch member page right here.

After weeks of toiling I finally I created this.  A real masterpiece. Wait, no, I lied.  That’s definitely not mine.  That’s an 1S1S project or 1 sprite 1 script.  They blow my mind.  I haven’t come even close to understanding how projects that complicated work much less emulating anything near that intense.

But I scratch on…


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