First Nations, Metis & Inuit Education

I had a difficult time completing a top 10 list of Maureen Johns during her guest lecture.  After asking us to complete it, she quickly moved right into her talk.  I have a tough time multi-tasking so I chose to continue listening to her rather than developing a list of ten questions I have about First Nations, Metis, & Inuit education.  After class, I looked back on her question and did manage to think of a few questions.

Should Inuit content be less of a priority in Saskatchewan because of our demographics?  

Similarly, should the amount of First Nations, Metis, & Inuit content taught vary depending on the demographics of a classroom?  

Is there a correlation between First Nation, Metis, & Inuit graduation rates and funding levels in areas?  

Am I really qualified to teach the intricacies of different Aboriginal worldviews?  

Is it legitimate that the spiritual practices and aspects of First Nations culture and ceremonies be taught in public schools?  

How is the increased emphasis on First Nations, Metis, & Inuit education perceived by relatively recent immigrants to Canada?

I’m quite sure I don’t even know where to start answering my own questions. I feel like I need lots of time to really think and research each one.  If I jumped in to answering any one of them now, I would just be guessing or giving a fairly uninformed opinion.  Well, maybe I could answer one of them now. “No, I do not feel adaquately prepared to teach the intricacies of different Aboriginal worldviews.”  Not yet, anyways.  I am hopeful that I will feel competent enough to teach them relatively soon, though. And I really  am interested in the whole topic of First Nations, Metis, & Inuit education, and as a social studies major I do want to come close to answering these types of questions.  Maybe not now, but give me some time actually teaching and I feel I will have a more informed, practical opinion to share.


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