Scratch update

So, inspired by my last post about Scratch where I added on to another Scratcher`s project, I created a project that encourages people to download and add their own sprites/scripts/sounds to the project.  That one is right here.  I kept it short and sweet, hoping to make it approachable for kids to add their piece to it.

I also recently added a project that lets you play the drums.  So, it’s a lot like those play the drum apps, except less user friendly. But I thought it would be an alright idea to try and for the most part it worked out.  There is some delay when trying to play the same drum or cymbal quickly back to back but it was sort of fun to do.  And I figured out how to do everything on my own, so I guess I either didn’t challenge myself enough or I am not as bad as I think.  Maybe a bit of both.  That game can be played here.


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