Student PLN

I was about to go to bed after a failed attempt at writing a paper and I decided to check twitter before I checked out.  Man, I have some smart people here – saying and showing some really smart things, I thought.  Hopefully someday I can really understand what this whole PLN thing is really about so I can be a better teacher.

But is the main point of an educator’s PLN to help them teach better or model to students the benefits and encourage them to create their own?

I know I want a quality PLN in order to really knock my students’ socks off.  You know, me + smart people = magic happens, or something like that.  But if connecting with people through a PLN can make that magic happen, then let’s make sure every student gets something similar in order to get that magic for whatever they’re doing – school or otherwise.  Help create “networked students” much like the “networked teacher.”

I know, everybody already knew that.  But, Brodie didn’t.  At least with one week left in ECMP355 I caught on.  I kept thinking of my PLN as something I can use to do my job better.  True, but it’s that whole concept of connecting and sharing and learning that students need to hear and learn how to use.

So I guess I’m seeing that PLN’s aren’t simply a means to an end.  They are a lot more than that.  I wonder if students today already understand this far better than me.  Maybe, but least I’m trying to catch up.


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