Business Simulation

This is a business simulation that I created for Ebus250 for an information processing class.  Our assignment was to visit a local business of our choice and get a feel for the “office environment” and the type of work that gets done there.  After that we were to create a 5 class simulation based on our visit.  I lucked out and through a friend, I was able to spend a morning at SaskEnergy downtown with the V.P. of Human Resources, Robert Haynes.

It’s very much not based on what that day was like, but it does reference many H.R. issues.  Spending time with a big wig like Robert, who is a super great guy, I saw very little of any physical work.  His position is clearly more “big picture.”  So the tasks are pretty remedial, but I had a tough time connected H.R. related work to the info. pro. curriculum.  But I was shown around, introduced to heads of various departments, sat in on an executive meeting, and really enjoyed every minute of it.  Having several friends who are in the H.R. field, it was nice to see what their careers might consist of.

Anyways, I thought I would share the project I created, and won’t bore you with the paper that was written to along with it.  Which also bugs me, because the paper accompanying the project was worth nearly the same amount.  I think that’s silly.  If you can nail a unit/lesson/simulation (not saying I did by any means), should that not be worth far more than a paper detailing your development process and rationale for the work?  Sorry, off track.

I decided to use SlideRocket for the first time, and it was pretty slick to work with and I found it easier to play around with than PowerPoint.  It doesn’t seem to be letting me embed it (any help on that note?), so you’ll have to use the link.  And if you feel like viewing it, you have to give an email address.

I’m doubtful this would take some students more than 2-3 classes, but most students usually move slower than you think possible, and also I ran out of time/ideas.  It’s purposely left a little vague to encourage individual results.  Most bosses don’t give explicit, a-z instructions, so I tried to emulate that somewhat without being too confusing.  It also pulls from 5 or so modules so it’s more to be used as a review exercise or assessment.

If you have a couple minutes, take a look, tell me what you think.  Good, bad, and ugly please.  I think simulations are soooo good for business ed. classes and this is my first one, so please help me get better at them.

  1. Nicely done. I’m so glad that you tried SlideRocket – it looks pretty impressive and I’ve seen some great examples of it. I hope others will take a look and be inspired by your work here.

  2. Cool slides. I like the use of pictures within the slides. I also like the use of a story to keep the students engaged throughout the learning!

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