I’m just writing this for myself and whoever else cares that I feel beyond frustrated with my inability to figure out how to do cool things with Scratch.  I feel like a have some good ideas, but when I go to translate them into a project I come up against brick wall after brick wall.  It’s driving me nuts.  So after trying in vain this morning to make something from “scratch,”  I added another element onto another Scratcher’s project.  There’s a really neat sharing element with Scratch.  You can upload a project and request that others remix it or add whatever changes to it.  Here’s a Remix Visualization of the project that I added something to.  I think it’s pretty sweet.  I want to bash my head through my keyboard when things aren’t going well, but I’m still going to keep working on it.  Here’s my addition of another character and dialogue to Jonzo’s project – Add Yourself At A Disaster!

  1. Hey Brodie,
    For some reason, the Remix Visualization link doesn’t work. Can you correct this – I’m interested.

  2. bevenson said:

    Hmm, now it won’t come up for me either, that’s weird. This is the original project http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/jonzo/1887398 and underneath there are blue links for “taggers”, “remixes” and “galleries”. The remixes link usually showed the visualization. Sorry it’s a dud right now.

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