I’m still working on becoming a super elite Scratch-er person, and I finished up a new project that took me quite a while to figure out.  It appears super simple, but may I remind you, so am I. Discovered how to send messages between scripts so things can happen in sequence.  I was unable to do some things I wanted to, but hopefully I can figure them out another time.

Learning the pen function and it took me forever to figure out the easiest way to use them.  I’ve got a decent method of resetting the scripts for an animation for myself, but I want to learn how to provide a reset button or something for people viewing the project.  That and many other things seem too confusing for me right now.  But its definitely coming along.  Take a look right…about...HERE to see the latest work.


  1. That was quite enjoyable. Where did you get the music from?

  2. bevenson said:

    Thanks. Some music loops and sound effects came with the Scratch download. It wasn’t letting me put anything from itunes on, so I’ve just been using their stuff.

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