After wasting a good chuck of time and energy on a final project that would have taken a colossal amount of time and energy, I’ve switched it up and am now beginning my project on the program Scratch.  While mildly eavesdropping, I heard Alec say that it would be a good final project idea.  That night I did a little research and took it on.

Developed mainly for elementary and middle years students, Scratch allows students to learn the basics of programming.  The programming language is comprised of visual blocks that snap together to create code.  There’s nothing computer science scary about the program, it’s really user friendly and  I’m sure kids learn key concepts without even realizing it.  Also, the community of kids and educators involved with Scratch is really impressive with lots of support and resources for teachers.

I’m not sure if this is unique, but when you upload anything you’ve created on Scratch to the website, all of the code is available for other users to download.  Now someone else can take what you’ve created so far, see and understand how exactly you created it, and build off of it. So if you’re interested, download Scratch and please make my first attempt at something not suck.


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