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In one class I have to come up with a unit plan for an info. pro class.  And not that I want to teach how I was taught, but I tried to remember what my info. pro classes were about in high school.  And I drew a huge blank…

I don’t remember too much about  my k-12 education.  I’m going on eight years out now… that feels even longer than you might think.  I can only recall scattered memories through the years.  And not one of my memories includes actual material taught by teachers.  I assure you I tried to pay attention, but all I can remember are the general relationships (positive/negative) and tidbits of social interaction with my friends.   Did I put all my energy into the “recess” of school?  Not at all, but that’s what I remember today. Were my teachers below average educators? Should they have pushed harder in getting me to recite some useless information?  Well I don’t know, I’m sure lots of them did the best with what they had.

“Recess is my favourite subject,” is usually what I hear from my little buddy that I hang out with three times a week through a mentorship program with Catholic Family Services.  He assures me that school is fun, but the only events worth talking about go down in recess town.  Is he someday going to look back and not remember what the school part of school was really like?  Is everybody like this? Should good schools/teachers be able provide students with easily recalled concrete memories of learning breakthroughs? Or can school still be effective  when looking back, you remember only the social side, but are (hopefully) benefiting from the independence and empowerment gained through the overall process of education?