I’m not a huge reader.  I enjoy a good book, but I don’t have the constant desire to always be looking at words on a page (or tablet).  So while it’s not a love, I do understand how powerful writing can be and I know I’ve experienced it.  So here’s a few books that I’ve very much enjoyed and found them hard to put down.

blue like jazz – don miller – This was the first book that I picked up and couldn’t stop reading until I was finished. Pretty sure I would view the material differently now, but it it was very engaging and made me question some issues years ago when i read it.

life of pi – yann martel – My favourite piece of fiction.  It seems people either loved or hated this book.  I’m on the love side.  I question some of the ideas presented, but it is absolutely amazing storytelling.

til we have faces – c.s. lewis – A favourite of my wife’s that I felt compelled to read for that fact.  A beautiful retelling/remaking of the myth of Cupid and Psyche.

great gatsby – f.scott fitzgerald – this was the “classic” that was on my summer 2011 reading list.  I loved how the book flowed and how upset it made my stomach.

bible – various – Yes, many books, but one book.  They are connected, it counts.  Overwhelming, confusing, and encouraging.  Nothing like it on earth.

Please share some of your favourites, and once I rid myself of textbooks and assignments for Christmas or summer I will check back and hopefully give some a read.  Thanks.


  1. You like books I like. We should be friends.

    On a different note, have you read any of Olson Scott card. I simply love his philosophical questions he poises, and the story line is decently interesting.

    • Hey Dan,

      Sounds great. No, I haven’t heard of him. Anything specific to recommend?

  2. Enders game is good, but his third book in the series, Xeonicide is even better.

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