Digital identity

Who am I on the internet? Right now I’m a business chimp manning (chimping?) the phone on twitter and facebook.  But am I a good citizen?  I’m not really sure.  Not a very active one for sure.  But what of me is out there?  Well I thought I should check… First page consists of my Canada411 listing,  a mention in the liner notes of a friend’s album, my new twitter and wordpress pages, my grandfather’s eulogy, a single facebook group, and several mentions in friends and family’s blogs.  The other 74, 490 results have, I’m sure, nothing to do with me.  That’s alright, I’m ok with that right now… But what if that video of me picking my nose gets leaked onto the internet?  What if I have a lapse in good judgment and say, write, or do just one rude/stupid/hilarious thing.  Sure maybe no one will care, but as we’ve seen from star wars kid and others, it could happen.  I and anybody else could be famous/infamous pretty quick, and be known solely for whatever happens to be one of google’s first search results.  That can be pretty scary and very limiting.  So should I just close my eyes and hope the internet doesn’t find me?  I would sure like to, but that’s pretty doubtful.  So instead, as Alec said in ECMP355, flood the internet with good things about yourself.  Things that you control.  And if google is the new resume, then we might as well start trying to really brag ourselves up online.  Does anyone really tell the whole truth on a resume, anyways?   When so much of you is digital, lying becomes easier.  Or maybe more difficult?  Well, I’m not sure.  Thoughts or ideas?

  1. Its almost like a global accountability group. That kinda acts like a family that is not afraid to pick on the younger siblings.

  2. Super interesting…”when so much of you is digital, lying becomes easier. Or maybe more difficult?” I love that. i think in the past, it definitely was easier. I feel like right now we are in that transition era, where people are still getting used to the idea of being accountable for pretty much everything they do…ever. So we still have screw ups…aka, swearing at a rider game and losing the job, or posting pics on facebook of being a drunken idiot.

    After so long about hearing about the evils of the internet, I’m loving Alec’s attitude about all the greatness that is out there, too. And how, now that lying is getting a lot more difficult, it’s probably getting a lot harder to perpetrate those evils rather than the good stuff. The fact that who you are is who you are 24 hrs a day, not just the 8 that you’re at school for, is not only a really scary idea for teachers, but an empowering one too. I can set an example for my students not just in how I present myself as a teacher, but in how I present myself as a person, in face-to-face life or online too. And that’s a lesson in and of itself: to be a good person, always, and everywhere, and no matter what.

    This is the stuff I love about university!

  3. bolt202b said:

    Wow, this is an excellent blog. I also believe that we shouldn’t run away and hide from the internet (well try to), we should embrace it. We should as you said “brag ourselves up”. I believe you are right, you have to treat your identity online as as resume, as a way of telling the world about the great things you possess. I think your on the right track and your positive identity on the internet will be more prevalent as you further enrich yourself in what the internet has to offer.

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