YouTube for Teachers

In our ECMP355 class today we learned about some social networking sites that can potentially reap  infinite rewards for teachers who are willing to get involved and commit some time.  Well much less time actually.  That’s a huge upside of this type of communication.  Collaborating with professionals around the globe and getting feedback and resources in the blink of an eye!  The only downside is one of the biggest and best tools is Twitter.  I’m new to it, but I can really see the appeal now.  No longer will I think of THIS when I think of Twitter.

It’s only been a few hours and I’m already thinking of THIS thanks to Twitter.  Videos are a great set for lessons and grab student attention or present material visually for different types of learners. YouTube in schools has always been risky and no matter how good the video, if the students are visiting the site themselves, there is a long list of content that you wouldn’t want your kids being exposed to.  trying to navigate and organize appropriate material can be challenging at times as well.  Apparently most of those worries will be dealt with in the near future as more information about the Teacher’s Channel. Excited to have a new resource at my disposal!

  1. That’s awesome. Glad you found a new resource. And it gets better – new stuff every day if you keep up with it!

    Thanks for taking the plunge, looking forward to you making connections throughout the semester.

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