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Who am I on the internet? Right now I’m a business chimp manning (chimping?) the phone on twitter and facebook.  But am I a good citizen?  I’m not really sure.  Not a very active one for sure.  But what of me is out there?  Well I thought I should check… First page consists of my Canada411 listing,  a mention in the liner notes of a friend’s album, my new twitter and wordpress pages, my grandfather’s eulogy, a single facebook group, and several mentions in friends and family’s blogs.  The other 74, 490 results have, I’m sure, nothing to do with me.  That’s alright, I’m ok with that right now… But what if that video of me picking my nose gets leaked onto the internet?  What if I have a lapse in good judgment and say, write, or do just one rude/stupid/hilarious thing.  Sure maybe no one will care, but as we’ve seen from star wars kid and others, it could happen.  I and anybody else could be famous/infamous pretty quick, and be known solely for whatever happens to be one of google’s first search results.  That can be pretty scary and very limiting.  So should I just close my eyes and hope the internet doesn’t find me?  I would sure like to, but that’s pretty doubtful.  So instead, as Alec said in ECMP355, flood the internet with good things about yourself.  Things that you control.  And if google is the new resume, then we might as well start trying to really brag ourselves up online.  Does anyone really tell the whole truth on a resume, anyways?   When so much of you is digital, lying becomes easier.  Or maybe more difficult?  Well, I’m not sure.  Thoughts or ideas?


In our ECMP355 class today we learned about some social networking sites that can potentially reap  infinite rewards for teachers who are willing to get involved and commit some time.  Well much less time actually.  That’s a huge upside of this type of communication.  Collaborating with professionals around the globe and getting feedback and resources in the blink of an eye!  The only downside is one of the biggest and best tools is Twitter.  I’m new to it, but I can really see the appeal now.  No longer will I think of THIS when I think of Twitter.

It’s only been a few hours and I’m already thinking of THIS thanks to Twitter.  Videos are a great set for lessons and grab student attention or present material visually for different types of learners. YouTube in schools has always been risky and no matter how good the video, if the students are visiting the site themselves, there is a long list of content that you wouldn’t want your kids being exposed to.  trying to navigate and organize appropriate material can be challenging at times as well.  Apparently most of those worries will be dealt with in the near future as more information about the Teacher’s Channel. Excited to have a new resource at my disposal!

Good day everyone (or maybe almost no one).  I’m Brodie Evenson,second year education student majoring in Social Studies and minoring in Business Ed. I grew up in small town Frontier, SK.  I enjoy sports, travelling, reading, and music.  Just over four years ago I met the greatest woman in the world while touring with a folk musician.  Then, two years later I married her!  I grew up working on the family farm and since have worked at golf courses, curling rinks, and construction sites.  But the most enjoyable and rewarding job was two years spent as a Special Education Assistant with Regina Public Schools.  It was those teachers and students that made me decide to become a teacher.

I believe I was in grade six when the internet first appeared in our school. For the next couple of years I believed the internet consisted solely of Yahoo and Hotmail.  In high school the internet was for basic research only, of which you were required to put the information found into your own words before using.  Overhead projectors were still the method of choice for presenting material.  I know my friends and I felt as though our teachers knew nothing about technology, but now as I think of teaching in the near future I realize that the students of today know far more than me and I have a great deal of catching up to do.

I think the increased use of technology in schools is great.  There are so many more ways to present material and ways for students to display their learning.  It is pretty exciting to watch or read about the innovative ways some teachers incorporate technology into their classes.  Connecting subject material and different forms of media engages students in a different way than was possible ten, or even five, years ago.  Sometimes I wonder if different forms of technology are more just gimmicks for teachers and utilized less effectively than they could be.  I think that teachers in general could use technology more effectively by incorporating it during the whole semester instead of as filler or an add-on project.

Time management in the classroom is also changing.  Students now have immediate access to so much information, which cuts down on research time, and leaves a wider window for discussing and teaching the application of the information.  Only recently was I thinking of how cellphones could be used positively in the classroom.  I still lean towards having a giant “No Phones Allowed” poster on the wall, but that’s not a very creative way to deal with the issue.  I also feel that safety and other “dangers” of social media sites such as Facebook need to be addressed openly, clearly, and relatively often to students.  A recent figure (that I made up) shows that people make, on average, 37,415 bad decisions in their teenage years.  Helping students to navigate a world where most of those decisions are displayed online is an important task for a teacher.

In this class, I hope to learn of some valuable resources for the classroom and the ability to use them effectively.  A professor last year encouraged us to “become good thieves.” Hopefully I can “steal” some great ideas and maybe get connected to some other “thieves,” too.  While I would like to imagine myself easily learning material this semester I realize that I’m a D+ at best when it comes to technology, so I envision some long hours being put in to master different technologies.  I think a teacher has to have a certain level of competency in terms of technology to give students a proper education as technology is such a large part of their lives.  I am optimistic that I will get closer to that level at the end of this semester.